Battle of the Bastards


I know I don’t usually do episode reviews for Game of Thrones but I can’t help it after that episode!! It was so amazing!! 

First I’ll start with Dany. She was so badass in that opening sequence. I loved her total takedown of the masters and it was so epic after her flop of a storyline from last season/early this season. And then the scene with her and Yara and Theon was awesome. I love the woman power there with her and Yara. And I loved the amused expression on Dany’s face the whole time. 

Now for the main portion, the battle. 

Sansa has really come into herself after leaving Ramsay and this is more like the badass version of Sansa that we see in the books. I love how mad she gets when she isn’t consulted over the battle plans because she is right, she is the only one who knows how’s Ramsay’s mind works. And she was right in the end. He outplayed them. But her quick thinking in going to get Petyr and the troops from the Vale was so perfect. I thought they might come into play but I’m so glad it was Sansa who went and got them. 

And that battle sequence … It was so intense! I knew Rickon was going to die, it was inevitable because of who Ramsay is but that was a twisted way to kill him. But Jon played right into his hands. He got too close and was lucky he didn’t die in the process. I thought for sure he was a goner when the Bolton forces were racing at him and then when they collided with Jon’s troops. 

I loved the way they filmed the fighting on the ground. It’s like you were on the ground with Jon, seeing what he saw, knowing what it was really like to be in a battle of that magnitude and that intensity. 

I was really nervous that Tormund was going to die at one point. All I could think was “Noooooooo! He can’t die because him and Brienne! I totally ship that!” So I was very relieved when he made it through the episode. Because I totally need to see him and Brienne end up together. 

And then that ending! It was so awesome seeing the Direwolf of House Stark flying from the battlements of Winterfell again … 

And Ramsay’s death was so justified. I really thought they were going to leave him alive until I saw the hounds. What a just ending for him, eaten by the dogs he threatened with. That was so gruesome too… I know they really didn’t show much but just listening to it *shudder* 

This does make me really nervous about the season finale next week though. I would have thought this would be the finale so I’m not really sure what is going to happen. The preview itself made me worried because it looks like it is going to be so full in comparison to this episode. I guess I will have to wait and see though. 

What were your thoughts on this episode? 

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