How do you read a series? Book Discussions #5

I want to start off by explaining that this is meant for when all the books in the series are already out. 

So, if you come to a series late and all the books are already out and you’ve heard people ranting and raving about it and say “Fine! I will finally read the series!”, and you absolutely adore the first book do you: 

  1. Continue to read the entire series until you finish?
  2. Space out your reading so it lasts longer? 

Personally, I space out the books. I don’t like to binge read series because I want them to last. Plus it helps me to enjoy the series more, spacing the books out. 

Here’s my general plan when I find a new series 

  1. Read first book
  2. Go out and buy the rest of the series
  3. Read a couple new books
  4. Read next book in series
  5. Repeat steps 3&4 until I finish series

There is a slight flaw in my plan. If the series is longer than 3 books I sometimes forget to finish reading it … Or after the third book I decide to put it down for a while and then I forget what was going on in the earlier ones. 

So I’m curious as to how you go about it? I see a lot of people taking about binge reading series so I’m wondering how many of you do this. 

30 thoughts on “How do you read a series? Book Discussions #5

  1. I am a binge reader! If I discover a series late and enjoy the first one I will read whatever I can get my hands on asap. Sometimes I’m sad that they are over too fast, but I’d definitely forget stuff and have to re-read previous instalments if I took a break… I almost always have to re-read if its a series still being published!

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  2. One of my absolute favourite things to do it binge read series, although I do know how you feel and occasionally have stopped the series to read other books and then come back to the series, but it doesn’t normally work for me, I forget to continue the series.

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      1. Maybe! I don’t know. They are all sitting on a specific shelf on my bookcase. I just scan right over them. I just have no desire to end the series. Lol.

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  3. I usually prefer to keep reading all the books at a go until I finish the series. If I don’t I just don’t get back to it at all. I get really distracted by other novels and forget all about this! But of course, this is the case if the first book I read wasn’t that extraordinary. Nice discussion!

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    1. I try to make sure I always include the next book in the series in my monthly TBR so I don’t forget! But that happens to me too. My next read is going to be a binge read of a series so in going to see how that goes lol

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  4. Depends on the series. If it’s a longer series, like a mystery series, I’ll read the books slowly. I prefer to not read the same author back-to-back. But, if it’s a shorter fiction series, like the Winner’s Trilogy, or The Raven Boys, or Hunger Games, then I’m more likely to read them back-to-back. Since those books tend to end on cliffhanger’s, I’m more likely to want to pick the next book up right away, whereas mysteries are generally complete books on their own, and you don’t need the next one right away to continue the narrative. I’ve got a bunch of mystery series I’m currently in the middle of, but my YA series I typically read quickly.

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