Jumping into July 

Alright, it’s time to set up my goals for the month of July! 

Currently, I am reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince along with Glass Sword. Once I finish those ill be jumping into the books you see posted above. 

So my TBR for the month of July, kinda in the order I want to read them is:

  1. The Son of Neptune
  2. A Drop of Night
  3. Crown of Midnight
  4. Six of Crows
  5. The Heir

Also going to be mixed in is an ARC I received a few weeks ago called The Frey Theory. Once I finish up Half Blood Prince on my kindle I’m going to start that one! 

Hopefully July is a bit more of a solid reading month for me than June! I feel like I’ve hit a reading slump lately so hopefully I overcome it before my vacation! 

4 thoughts on “Jumping into July 

    1. I’m really excited for Crown of Midnight! Everyone says the series just gets better and better and I enjoyed Throne of Glass!
      I’m also really excited for Six of Crows because I’ve heard nothing but good things about it!

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