Overcoming a Reading Slump: Book Discussions 6

Oh no, I didn’t realize this wasn’t scheduled to post and totally forgot to post it last night! 

Lately I’ve felt like I am in a reading slump so I thought I would ask this week, how do you overcome a reading slump? 

Here’s what I do: 

1) Reread a favorite: For me this usually means reading Harry Potter and for the most part it works. Sometimes I’ll mix it up and try reading a YA book like Looking for Alaska to try to get me out of the slump too. But it doesn’t always work so step two would be ….

2) Start or continue a show on Netflix: This is usually a pretty reliable step as well. Sometimes my brain just needs a break from books and watching Netflix can be a huge help! But I always try to do something else while I’m watching Netflix. Usually I’ll be coloring or doing a puzzle. It’s really helpful and really relaxing, especially when I’m feeling the stress of a slump. 

3) Read something different: If 1 or 2 don’t work it’s time to pick up something totally different. Maybe I’ll pick up a genre that I don’t typically read. Or maybe I’ll read a genre that I love but haven’t read in a while. Since a lot of books lately are YA fantasy, when I need something different I’ve been leaning towards historical fiction or mystery novels! Especially mystery novels. They’re usually quick and light reads that are easy to follow and will give you the suspense you need to keep you intrigued throughout the book. 

4) Curl up in a ball and cry: If none of these work for me it means the slump is really really bad. So bad that I don’t know what to do with it. So bad it feels like I may never read again. Okay, that was a little over dramatic but it makes my point. 

So, what do you do to overcome a reading slump? I’m looking for new suggestions to add to my process! 

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