Book Borrowig Etiquette 

So I saw my younger cousin this past weekend and she is an avid reader like I am. Recently she started reading The Lunar Chronicles series and she adored it so I let her borrow my copies of Scarlet and Cress. So it prompted me to think about some book borrowing etiquette. 

Here are my rules for book borrowing:

  1. NO writing or highlighting in the book. I don’t do it so you can’t do it. 
  2. NO dog earring corners. 
  3. ALWAYS use a bookmark. If you don’t have one I can provide one for you. 
  4. DO NOT intentionally break the spine. Accidents happen, I get that. Sometimes you get really into a book and it just happens. But do not fold back/flex the book so the spine cracks. It’s not that difficult to tell the intentional cracks vs the accidents. 
  5. Return the book in a timely fashion. This is a library you have a due date. If you need more time, just ask. 
  6. You cannot have the dust jacket with a hardcover. I learned my lesson after leaving one on and getting the book back but never seeing the cover again. 
  7. You ruin it, you replace it. 

Any rules on your list I might have missed? 

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