September Wrap Up

I don’t really have a ton to wrap up in the month of September… I didn’t get a chance to read much because I started school. You can blame my boyfriend for the rest because I spend most of my free time with him which is when I would normally be reading. So I am sorry that my blog has been severely lacking …. I am going  try to come up with some topics to talk about while I’m working on finishing books. 

Without further ado ….. 

What I read/am currently reading:

I finished a whole 2 books during the month officially September! Woohoo! 

I read Splintered and Unhinged by AG Howard! Both were rereads so I feel like I didn’t really accomplish much this month …. but oh well! 

I am currently reading Ensnared by AG Howard, as well as The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon. Hopefully Ensnared won’t take me too long to read but I expect The Fiery Cross to take me a while still to get through. 

September Book Haul:

I got waaaaaay more books than I needed this month. Especially since I haven’t been reading much lately. Why did I do this to myself?! My TBR is never ending now and it’s getting insane to try to keep up with! 

4 thoughts on “September Wrap Up

  1. Haha, I totally went overboard with my buying books in September, I think I have enough material to read until April 2017. University starts next week for me and I know I won’t have much time to read or review, so I won’t be buying until Christmas! Queen of Shadows is my next read, I don’t miss Celaena but the story is entertaining enough for me to come back every time 🙂 Have a great and spooky October!

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    1. I went overboard too seeing as I’m averaging 3 books a month and I bought seven lol I have enough reading material to get me through the next year at that pace! But I have some upcoming releases that I want to get so I’m going to keep buying more books …


    1. I currently have 2 TBR bookshelves … it’s getting bad lol I have a bunch of releases coming out as well over the next two months so I’m going to add to them as well.
      The red pages are sooooo amazing, especially next to Six of Crows with the black pages!

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