October TBR

I am setting my goals low for the month of October ….

I just want to finish The Heroes of Olympus series during the month which would require me to read the three books shown above. Hopefully I am able to get through them! 

If I am able to finish these three books before the end of the month then my next series to finish will be …..

The Throne of Glass series! I’m only on Crown of Midnight so I have quite a bit of the series left to read …..

So here’s to hoping I get a bit more reading done in October! 

4 thoughts on “October TBR

  1. That’s quite an impressive TBR you’ve set for yourself this month. Good luck in achieving your goals!

    I’ve never read any of Rick Riordan’s books as I’ve always thought them to be geared for a much younger audience. Would you say they’re firmly in ya or more middle grade?

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    1. Percy Jackson is definitely more middle grade but I read them at 22 and still enjoyed them! This series along with Magnus Chase are more ya I think. I think he’s started trying to appeal to a larger audience and I find his books educational and enjoyable!

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