10th Anniversary by James Patterson

10th Anniversary by James Patterson; 395 pages


Lindsey is called in to work the case of a teenage girl found on the side of the road recently after she had given birth. Now it’s a race to find what happened to this young girls baby. 

Yuki is prosecuting one of the biggest cases of her career. A talented surgeon is being accused of murdering her husband in front of her two children. But something is off about this case to Lindsey … something that may change the outcome for Yuki. 

My thoughts: 

Definitely not one of my favorite books in this series but I still enjoyed it. 

The cases were not as exciting as they normally are to me and I really started to dislike Yuki as a character in this book. She’s never been one of my favorites but I really just don’t like her. 

I think the whole story with Lindsey and Joe is starting to get a little over done too. I get it, you want to show that she has a home life and that she’s in love, but it’s just so over the top to me and I don’t enjoy reading about her home life. 

The case with the girl was slightly infuriating to read about too but I won’t say much more because I don’t want to give anything away. 

Hopefully the next one is even better!

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