October in Review, November Moving Forward

October was much better month for me! I got a lot more reading done and I bought a s**t ton of books! 

So let’s get to it! 

Here’s my book haul! I wasn’t kidding when I said I got a lot of books! I got 21 in total this month (20 are shown). I forgot to add the Illustrated edition of Chamber of Secrets to the photo before I took it and then was too lazy to add it. 

I was going to take the time to list them all out but I think it’s pretty easy to see what I bought from the photo … the names are all pretty clear. 

My October wrap up! I read 6 books this month! I actually got some reading done! 

I was in such a slump during the month of September that I felt like such a reading failure. But I’m back now! Thank you to The Hammer of Thor for getting me out of my funk and helping me finish a bunch of books this month! 

Hopefully it carries over to November! 

I’m not sure what my November TBR is going to look like. I’ve kinda just been reading whatever I want but these are some that look good that I might get to! We shall see! 

What did you read this month? Did you buy any good books? 

6 thoughts on “October in Review, November Moving Forward

  1. Book haul posts are so awesome to me. I would love to buy 21 books in a month. My husband would probably kill me. I already have 5 bookshelves in my house, and I’m asking for another one. 🙂

    Nice haul!

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