2016: A Year in Review

Not going to lie, I’m so glad 2016 is over. It was a shitty year. The only good part of 2016 for me was meeting my boyfriend, the rest has sucked. 

I mean, Donald Trump won the US presidential election. And if that wasn’t bad enough we had to lose Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds! So much heartbreak. 

But let’s get to the bookish portion of 2016, shall we? 

Not a bad year for reading if you ask me. Now, 73 Books was nowhere near where I set my goal for the year. In fact, my goal was 105 books…. 

I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t meet my goal but I’m not going to dwell on it. I’m going to go back on Goodreads and set my goal to 105 again for 2017! 

2016 brought a lot of new authors into my life. I’m really proud of myself for branching out in my reading this year. Here are some of my favorite discoveries of 2016! 

1) Alexandra Bracken- this wasn’t the greatest book I read in 2016 but I feel like her writing has the potential to be amazing and I cannot wait to read Wayfarer and the start The Darkest Minds series!

 2) Anthologies of short stories- I read this and adored it! Now it sounds like there might be a second and I’m so excited! If you know of any more anthologies of short stories, please let me know! 

3) The Museum of Intangible Things by Wendy Wunder- such an amazing book! I need to read more of her works! 4) Twisted Tales- Warped fairytales that are far from the tales we have come to know! I have two more books in this series to read this upcoming year! 

5) Jeff Zentner- a debut author in 2016, his first book was phenomenal! Keep an eye out for his second book coming March 7th! 

6) Magnus Chase- what a fun and hilarious character and story Riordan has created! I cannot wait to read more! 

7) Red Rising by Pierce Brown- what a way to kick off your career as an author. The first book in this series was amazing and I’m so excited to keep reading it! 

8) Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas- What in the world was I waiting for with this series?! Why did I wait so long to start it! It’s amazing and I’m only two books in! I need to keep reading this asap! 

9) Heartless by Marissa Meyer- Meyer has created yet another masterpiece! It makes me wonder what she’ll have in store for us in 2017! 

10) Leigh Bardugo- Six of Crows was awesome! And now I’m reading Shadow and Bone and it is phenomenal! I don’t know why I waited so long to pick up one of her books! 

11) MJ Arlidge- I love me a good detective novel and I have very good feelings about this series after reading the first book! 

12) Illuminae- Oh. My. God. This series. It will be the death of me waiting for the third book in the fall. Why can’t it come out now? I need it now! 

13) ACOTAR– another Sarah J. Maas series that has blown me out of the water! She is absolutely amazing! I think she could write a grocery list and it would be amazing. 

14) Narrative nonfiction- Erik Larson is the king of writing narrative nonfiction! I read his novel Dead Wake and was enthralled by the story and I cannot wait to see what happens in In the Garden of Beasts, a story about the US ambassador to Germany! 
Aright, this post is long enough now. Just one more thing before I go…..

Tell me a little about your year! How many books did you read? What were some of your favorites? Some of your new discoveries? 

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