Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin 

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin; 400 pages


In this alternate universe, Hitler won World War II. 

Yael was a young girl when the war started and she was taken to a concentration camp and experimented on. These experiments gave Yael the ability to skin shift. Now, all grown up and properly trained, she is on a mission … a mission to kill Hitler. 

My Thoughts: 

I absolutely loved the premise of this book. It is absolutely insane to think about a world where Hitler won the war. I also thought the characters competing in a motorcycle race was cool because it is such a different idea. (I didn’t include it in the summary but Yael must win a motorcycle race from Germania to Tokyo). 

I thought Yael was such a badass character at the start of the book but, unfortunately, my opinion of her fell as the book went on. For someone who is supposed to kill Hitler, she is incredibly naive and she is incredibly trusting for someone who is in such an important mission. I lost a lot of respect for her character because of that. Make her cold hearted! Maybe I’m just in the mood for a cold hearted character. She is supposed to be killing one of the most evil men the world has ever seen though … She did redeem herself at the end a bit but we shall see how it carries over into the next book! 

Rating: 4.5/5 stars 

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(I forgot how many reviews I was behind on!) 

3 thoughts on “Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin 

  1. Great review! I understand your view on the character, I admit I agree with you although I haven’t read the book yet. It feels obvious that someone on their way to kill Hitler should be cold and not give trust so easily.

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    1. Thank you! And I’m glad you agree even if you haven’t read the book lol maybe it’s just because I was expecting someone very cold and manipulative that it took me by surprise that she seemed like a normal teenage girl.


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