Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken 

Wayfarer (Passenger Book 2) by Alexandra Bracken; 532 pages

Warning! There will be spoilers from book 1!

My summary and thoughts will contain spoilers! 

You have been warned! 


Mind the hour, mind the date… and find that path which does not run straight.

Etta and Nicholas have been separated. Nicholas is with Sophia, trying to find a way to find Etta. His best hope is to get in contact with Rose Linden. Etta has been orphaned by a change to the timeline. Now she is paired up with an unlikely cast of characters in an attempt to make everything right. 

Again, there will be spoilers from this book in my thoughts. Even if you read book 1 I might reveal things you didn’t want to know. 

You’ve been warned. 

My thoughts: 

First, I am so glad Etta and Nicholas are separated in this book! I thought their love story from book 1 was waaaaaay over the top. With them separated I thought the whole story flowed so much better! 

Second, I really liked Julian’s character! It might be because of how much Etta disliked him, to be honest. Plus he was always funny and likeable…. and I would have taken him up on his Bora Bora offer! I feel like he is one of the most believable characters in the book. He’s a total prat but there’s good there, you can see it at times. 

Third. There’s just something so beautiful about these books. One of the main points of the books is how changing something in the past can send ripples into the future, changing everything. But it just goes to show how important our actions are in the here and now. 

Fourth. I found the ending to be very satisfying, even if I did find Etta and Nicholas’s romance to be truly eye roll worthy. I thought all of it was tied together very nicely. 

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Goodreads Challenge: (4/105)

Books in the Wild Challenge: A Book you would want to live in (I love the idea of traveling through history). 

Pop Sugar Challenge: A book published in 2017

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