Making Reading Fun

I am always trying to think of things to do to keep reading fun. I’m not going to lie, sometimes with running a blog and a bookstagram account it can start to feel like work. So I like to keep things interesting! 

First up is book bingo! As you can see from the picture I made a board of all the books on my TBR for the year. There 225 spaces I believe and 11 or 12 free spaces. I absolutely love making up bingo boards. They take some time but I love having the set list in the end. I’ve done really well with keeping to it so far and have only used one free space! Although another is going to get used when The Last of August comes out because I forgot to put it on my board … oops! 

Making monthly TBRs. How is this fun? Making a small tbr of 2 or 3 books can really help in making reading fun. It gives you the structure you sometimes need but the flexibility to still read whatever else you want. 

Switch up genres! I see so many people who are constantly reading the same one or two genres and, generally, those are the people I see going into reading slumps or being disappointed with books they were super excited to read. So mix it up! Pick up a genre you’ve never read before! Take a break from your YA to pick up a historical fiction. Put down your fantasy and read a non fiction. Don’t limit yourself to one type of book because you know it’s something you always like. Try something new, take a chance! 

If you’d like any recommendations, feel free to ask! 

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