Pagelings March

I am participating in Paglings March on Instagram and I thought I would share my photos from the first handful of days! I haven’t been posting much this week because I’m almost caught up on my reviews and I don’t have anything else to post so I’m trying to stall until I can get some more reading done lol

Day 1: March TBR- and I still haven’t read anything on my tbr this month. I’m failing miserably with this whole tbr thing. Day 2: Book Box Love- I don’t get any book boxes so I showed off my bookmarks from Midnight Alley DesignsDay 3: Favorite Quote- “You’re just as sane as I am.”Day 4: Top Female Character- Hermione and Luna and Katniss are all pretty badass in my opinion. Day 5: Top Male Characters- I went with Rhysand for this one because I’m obsessed after reading these books Day 6: Book and Flowers- The yellow just went so well with this cover I thought it would be perfect Day 7: Bookish Ombré- not a clue how to do it so this is what I came up with for the day Day 8: Green, Blue, Purple- I love the way this photo came out! Day 9: Book and Funko- I thought I would throw in some Fantastic Beasts for this day and I love the way the photo turned out!Day 10: Book and Candle- I picked one of my candles to photograph with my current readDay 11: Red, Orange, Yellow- I love the fall colors together and I think this photo ended up turning out really nice Day 12: Bookish Art- again I decided to show off a Midnight Alley Designs bookmark 

If I remember I’ll post the rest of the photos at the end of the month! 

You can follow me on Instagram, I’m pretty good about posting twice a day: @nicole_in_neverland 

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