Beautiful Book Friday 

Beautiful Book Friday is a weekly feature I’m trying to remember to do and everyone is welcome to join in! 

This weeks feature is Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I’m choosing this book this week because of the Netflix series being released this week. 

Summary: This story begins when Clay Jensen comes home from school and there’s a package waiting for him. Inside are 7 cassette tapes. And on those tapes … coming to you live and in stereo is none other than Hannah Baker, the girl who killed herself two weeks previously. And what does she have to say on these tapes? These tapes are the thirteen reasons why her life ended. 

My thoughts: Its been about 10 years since I read this book but I remember loving it. 

I know this book sounds morbid but what I remember about it, it’s so much more than that. This book is a perfect example of how everything we do in our lives has consequences. For every action there is a reaction, and not all of them are good. I also liked it because it highlights high school bullying. Nothing is innocent in the teenage mind. Little jokes aren’t funny to everyone, rumors can hurt more than they’re meant to, friends are fickle when you’re young …. there are so many lessons this book teaches. 

So many of you won’t think this is beautiful. Many might think it’s cruel. Don’t look at it like it’s cruel. Try to remember that it’s telling a tragic story and this is just the method used. It’s the story of a girl who was bullied. Not obviously but it happened… and it happens. 

Cover or Content: Both. I think the cover and the content of this book are beautiful. 

Now just remember this is going off of my memory from 10 years ago. 

I am currently rereading this book now so we shall see it how I feel about it a second time. 100 pages in and I like it just as much as I remember from the first time. 

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Book Friday 

  1. I tend to shy away from books with teenage narrators because I hated being a teenager and still have a dislike for teenagers; although in a literary sense, that displays the skill of the author in being able to portray an accurate teenage voice! 🙂 I guess my question is…is this book too…teenage-y, if you will? I guess it’s hard to explain what I mean…🤔 Will a 31-year old adult appreciate this book?


    1. If it helps at all I’m 25 and immensely enjoyed this book (I just finished reading it last night). There are 2 separate narrators in the book and while they do sound teenage-y I, personally, didn’t find myself disliking the narrators. I’m not really sure if you’ll like it if you dislike teenage narrators because I do think the narrators are portrayed accurately as teens … I can’t really say for sure though. I do think it’s a great book though.

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