May Flowers

Happy first day of May! I just thought I’d throw together a quick May tbr post for you to start off the month! 

Currently reading:

The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon 

The rest of May: 

ACOWAR!!!! I’m planning on starting ACOWAR right when I get home from work on Tuesday and then I have the day off Wednesday to spend the day reading it! Hopefully I finish The Mime Order first but it’s being put down if I don’t. 

What are you planning on reading this month? 

13 thoughts on “May Flowers

      1. I thought it was much better than Magnus Chase, so I think you’re in for a real treat! Plus the next one comes out tomorrow… it’s really perfect timing.

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      2. Now I’m really excited! I was planning on reading it last year when it came out but someone told me to make sure I read The Heroes of Olympus series first. I hadn’t read it yet so I spent the last year reading that and I’m really excited to start this series!

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      3. Yeah! Personally, I had no plans on finishing the Heroes of Olympus series until this book was announced and I’m so glad I did.

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      4. I’m just glad I found out to read it before starting The Trials of Apollo! I’m super excited to read about Apollo! My copy of the book came with a letter from him to Zeus and it was already hilarious!

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  1. I enjoyed The Hidden Oracle 🙂 Maybe not quite as much as the Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus series, but it was still good. Looking forward to the next book! As for planning which books to read each month, it seems you’re far more organized than I am!

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    1. I’m only organized this month and the odds of me sticking to this list are slim lol the only books I’ll for sure read are ACOWAR and The Song Rising because it was an arc and I still haven’t read it 😂

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  2. I am also planning on reading ACOWAR ASAP! I’m hoping mine arrives tomorrow. I really want to read The Song Rising too. I was trying to wait until closer to the release of the next book but I don’t think I can be away from the Warden and Paige for that long haha.

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    1. My copy should arrive today and I’m so excited for it!
      I received an ARC of The Song Rising over a month ago and meant to read it last month along with The Mime Order and just kinda forgot 🤦🏼‍♀️ so I’m reading The Mime Order now and that one asap after so I can get my review up and hopefully they’ll send me free books in the future lol

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