Mid Year Wrap Up

So it’s already July and I thought I should post a mid year wrap up to sum up the last 6 months! It’s been a damn good reading war so far for me and I’ve been really happy about that. 

So here’s how my year has been going so far!

Goodreads Challenge: 

I set my goal to 105 books at the start of the year and I’m already at ……


I’m well over halfway there and I’m really happy that I’m ahead of schedule this year because I didn’t reach my goal last year!

TBR Takedown:

About two months ago I made a list of all the unread books on my bookshelves and my kindle and the number was a little ridiculous… so I’m working on reading as many books as I can between now and October off that list before I add any more books to it. Here’s how I’m doing:

13/190 read

It may not seem like much progress but it’s only been 2 months!

20 Books of Summer:

I’m only one month into this challenge but the goal is to read 20 books off your TBR pile between June 1st and September 3rd! So far I’m at:


I’m happy with the progress I made and hopefully I’ll make some more progress this month

Pop Sugar Challenge:

Every year Pop Sugar puts together a list of prompts to get people to read all different types of books and I decided to participate this year. There’s 52 different prompts and here’s my progress so far:


Not bad but I don’t see myself finishing this… 

Currently reading:

Book #60 for the year is going to be RoseBlood by AG Howard! 

Favorites of 2017:

Here are some of my favorites that’s I’ve read so far this year! 

3 thoughts on “Mid Year Wrap Up

  1. Had to sneak A Study in Charlotte in twice ’cause you love it so much? 😉 I think I need to take a leaf from your book when it comes to the TBR Takedown! I’m packing up to move right now and realising just how many of the books on my shelf I haven’t read yet… Have you had any trouble sticking to that rule for yourself?

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    1. So far I haven’t had any issues. I haven’t bought a new book since the beginning of May. And since then I’ve only read books that are on my bookshelves so I’ve been really proud of myself because of that lol

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