Private Vegas by James Patterson

Private Vegas by James Patterson; 361 pages

One of Jack Morgan's investigators is on trial for beating his ex girlfriend into a coma, although he insists he is innocent.
Two foreign diplomats are assisting women in LA hotel rooms.
Someone is setting fire to cars in Jack's neighborhood… and his car was just hit.
And one of Jack's clients just murdered his wife.

My thoughts:
This was definitely not one of the better books in this series. First off, I don't even know why the book was called Private Vegas because there is no storyline in Vegas until, like, the last hundred pages. And even then the whole Vegas storyline takes up maybe 50 pages … the book is 361 pages long.
Second, some stuff was so obvious that I was starting to get mad that it was taking Jack so long to figure it out. Like the whole thing with Del Rio. I figured that out in about 20 pages and it took them 200.
Third, there were way too many things going on at once. There's usually two or three different stories but once you start moving past that things start to get muddled. I also didn't like the end of one of the stories, it just wrapped up to easily. The very end was great, like I actually burst out laughing at it.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

Goodreads Challenge: 53/105

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