RoseBlood by AG Howard

RoseBlood by AG Howard; 410 pages


The opera speaks to Rune and once she hears a particularly compelling song she is forced to purge it from her body. Out of concern, Rune’s mother sends her to RoseBlood, a French arts conservatory. RoseBlood is located in an opera house, the same opera house that is believed to be tied to the story that is The Phantom of the Opera.

My thoughts:

I usually try to avoid posting spoilers when I write a review but I am just so disappointed with this book that I can’t hold back this time. So here’s your warning, the rest of this review is going to contain some spoilers! Turn back now if you plan on reading this book and still want to be surprised when you pick it up!

Psychic vampires? Is she for real on this? The main characters are vampires that feed off of people’s emotions? Oh, I’m sorry, incubi and succubi are the technical terms. I don’t think I’ve ever come across something more eye roll worthy. What the hell does any of that have to do with the Phantom of the Opera? Other than using characters from the original, this was as far from a retelling as you could go.

And all that twin souls, destined to be together stuff … holy insta love! It was almost painful to read about at times. And the fact that she still trusted him after she found out that his original motives were to steal her freaking heart …. what the actual fuck?! It’s like she turned Twilight into a bad Phantom retelling ….

(Sorry for the language before, I try to avoid swearing but I couldn’t stop myself in this review)

Rating: 2.5/5 (my first ever review below 3 stars…..)

Goodreads Challenge: 56/105

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