I’m Alive, I Swear!

Hi all!

Man, where has the year gone?! I apologize for not being super active on the blogging front this year but I’m going to spend the last couple weeks of the year turning things around and getting ready to dive into things in 2019!

I’m going to try to set up some end of year wrap up posts between now and then but bare with me if there’s not a ton of them!

But what’s been going on with everyone?!

I started off 2018 by getting a new job, I met my current boyfriend (10 months strong) and he likes to read and loves Harry Potter! I still managed to get a lot of reading done but not as much as I usually would. I’m going to set my 2019 goal a little lower than this past year because of it. Life just got away from me for a while….

But I went to Harry Potter World last month and it was amazing!! We had such a fun time! You can take a look at a couple of the photos I took 👇🏻

And what’s everyone reading to wrap up the year?

Here are a few of the books I want to get to before the year ends!

I want to hear from all of you who still check in on my goofy little blog! ☺️☺️

2 thoughts on “I’m Alive, I Swear!

  1. Hey!!! Welcome back! Congrats on the new job and the new bf!!
    I hope you loved HP World. I still have not been but hopefully soon!
    I’ve heard such good things about Children of Blood and Bone so I hope you like it.
    I finally start reading Six of Crows and I’m really kicking myself for waiting so long lol

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