Everless by Sara Holland

Everless by Sara Holland; 362 pages


Everless- home of the Gerlings, one of the ruling families of Sempera. Jules grew up there until they were forced to leave because of the eldest son. With nothing left, Jules’s father is forced to sell his time to pay off their debts, and now his time is running out. Desperate to save her father, Jules returns to work at a Everless with the Queen due to arrive soon. What she doesn’t realize is how much danger she is putting herself in as well as those she loves.

My thoughts:

  • My summary sucks and does not do this book justice. Also I’m not sure why there were so many negative reviews.
  • I love the world created, the story/fable the plot is based around
  • I loved the way the story was told. The author hinted at what was to come without being too obvious.
  • Very excited to read book 2!

Book Rating : 5/5

Books Read in 2019: 5/105

Pages Read in 2019: 2853 pages

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