The Wicked King by Holly Black

The Wicked King by Holly Black (The Cruel Prince 2); 322 pages


Cardan is now king of Faerie and he is bound to Jude. Running Faerie is no easy task and Jude’s job is only made more difficult by Cardan’s attempts to undermine her at every turn. Now, someone close to Jude plans to betray her and she must find out who it is before it is too late.

My thoughts:

  • I thought this book was a bit dull in comparison to the first book but that’s not saying much because I didn’t think the first book was terribly exciting to begin with.
  • There was very little character development in this book. Most of the book was either Jude pining or acting unsure of herself. Or then she’s sure of herself only to be so easily manipulated. It was almost like she was trying to un-develop her characters in this book and that makes no sense to me.
  • The ending made up for the rest of the book for the most part but it only made Jude seem like a weaker character overall.
  • I really hope the next book is better but I found this one to be a bit disappointing.

Book rating: 3.5/5

Books read in 2019: 9/105

Pages read in 2019: 4,175 pages

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