January Wrap Up

Happy February! How was your reading month for January? Mine ended up being pretty good, much better than I expected it to be thanks to two snow days to wrap up the month! My goal was to read 4 books during the month of January (2 of them were very long) and I ended up … More January Wrap Up

MIA Again

Hi guys! I kinda went MIA again 🤦🏼‍♀️ I swear I’m working on it! I have a couple reviews coming up that I’m hoping to work on this week! Bear with me, I was out of commission for a while and need to get my blogging legs back under me! In the meantime, What’s everyone … More MIA Again

Monthly Readathons

Hi all! Does anyone else participate in readathons? I’m part of a group on Goodreads that hosts a monthly readathon! I absolutely love them because they help me buckle down and read over the course of a couple days when I can become so easily distracted. This past weekend was the first readathon of the … More Monthly Readathons